Hi, I am Lucene, founder of Mmmoments…  I initially started Mmmoments… as a sideline/hobby for friends and family designing and producing handmade stationery for any special occasion.

I have always been a creative person and loved creating things. Always thinking of alternative ways of presenting cards and gifts. So I decided that I would love to specialise in producing and selling handmade greeting cards and stationery and personalised gifts and accessories for any occasion which has been great so far, however, this was more of a hobby rather than a service that I can provide and make a living doing something that I am passionate about.

Over the years I have become more and more disappointed in working for these organisations and agencies who want to put limits on your earning potential, when and how you must work sometimes without recognition of your effort. So therefore I decided I am going to emancipate myself from the hands of these people and work for myself.

This will be my platform to promote and establish my business, Mmmoments…. For my products and services. I would eventually like to introduce a wedding and party event planning service.